â €Hello! I am Idoleques (Eye-doll-eck-wes), and I'm a real magical girl in training! Magical girls are very real, important parts of our world. Well, I'd assume you know that already, as I'm sure you came looking for this site. You want to be a magical girl.

You've come to the right place! This is completely real. If you're looking for anything fictional, you won't find it here. Any nay-saying, harrassment, etc. will not be tolerated. I'm not delusional, please don't say I am!

So...where do we start? The links below lead to a pretty comprehensive guide on how to become a magical girl. All of these are written by me, but I will try to link any sources I use when applicable. I heavily encourage you to more research than just what I can give you though, I'm only one person!

Are you fit to become a magical girl?
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Sorry if you see unfinished pages or broken links, this website is unfinished. Check back later!